Helpful Tips On Palm Tree Care

guy-trimming-a-palm-tree-in-tampaMany homeowners who live in areas where temperatures are mild invest in palm trees to enhance their property’s landscape. Fortunately, palm tree care is not difficult, provided the consumer follows a few simple tips. However, before selecting a palm tree, it is important to consider several factors.


  • Most palm trees will not thrive in freezing weather, and even a very short duration of frost can put such trees in a weakened state and leave them susceptible to disease and insects. For this reason, it is wise for consumers to check with a local nursery if they are unsure whether or not palm trees will thrive in a certain area.


  • Size is also an important factor when selecting a palm. It is not unusual for palm trees to reach heights of 50 or more feet. Therefore, one must be careful to avoid choosing a tree that appears small at the nursery, but will quickly grow to overpower the property when it reaches full height.

Sunlight and Water

  • When choosing a palm tree, it is essential to understand that sunlight needs are different among the various types of palms available. While some varieties are very sun tolerant, others thrive better in areas that receive partial shade.Water is also an essential consideration. Palms usually grow best in areas where the water supply is continuous and abundant. Therefore, those who do not live near natural water sources must ensure that their trees are watered frequently, particularly while they are becoming acclimated to their new environment. Watering frequency is determined by climate, average rainfall and other factors. However, in most areas, palms should be watered twice a month during the summer, and once every six weeks during cooler seasons. Bubble type or low drip watering over several hours is a better option than merely drenching the ground with a garden hose.


  • Palm tree care also involves fertilizing the soil in which the tree was planted. Such trees require a broad range of nutrients to thrive. However, because they are typically found in areas where soil is well drained, these nutrients tend to quickly leach away. For this reason, the most common palm tree problems stem from improper fertilization. Fortunately, this issue is easily remedied by investing in palm-specific fertilizers, which release nutrients slowly to provide constant, targeted nourishment. Its usually best to hire a company who specializes in tree services to care for your Palm Trees. There are many companies throughout Tampa Florida who offer this service such as


  • As palm trees age, their older fronds turn brown and eventually die. Pruning off the dead fronds is a good idea, as it will keep the trees looking healthy and vibrant. Only dead fronds should be pruned and one should refrain from cutting too close to the tree’s trunk. Only a professional gardener should prune large palm trees. Finally, consumers should be careful when using gardening equipment and lawnmowers around palm trees, as their barks are easily damaged.

Following the palm tree care tips outlined above and asking for advice from a professional gardener when necessary are the best ways to ensure that such trees grow, thrive and add beauty and value to any property on which they are placed.