Prudent Measures To Prolong Your Refrigerator’s Life

A refrigerator, commonly known as a fridge, is a household appliance used to preserve food by cooling it to temperatures below the ambient temperature. The major components of a refrigerator include a heat pump and a separate compartment, which is insulated to prevent transfer of heat from the outside environment to the compartment and vice versa. Additionally, a refrigerator has other smaller components that require repair or replacement due to wear and tear. In order to prolong the service life of your refrigerator, you need to reduce the frequency of repairs and replacement where possible. To achieve this, you need to understand and practice various maintenance procedures.

One of the most basic practices to help your refrigerator live longer is by maintaining cleanliness. For instance, residues from spilled food and drinks are sticky and cause the refrigerator door gasket to stick to the cabinet once there are such spillages. This sticking in turn leads to increased wear and tear of the rubber gasket, a flaw that can be prevented through proper grooming. When cleaning, both surfaces are cleaned using a mild rag and antiseptic. Secondly, cleaning the fringe’s condenser helps prolong the life of your refrigerator. In addition to this, keeping the condenser clean improves the equipment’s energy efficiency, thus reducing your energy bills. The condenser coils are located either at the bottom or behind the refrigerator depending on the model and year of manufacture. These coils should be cleaned a number of times every year preferably using a bottle brush or a feather duster. If a vacuum cleaner is available, it could also be used to clean the condenser. Alternatively you can choose to install a static condenser, which does not require cleaning.

Another fundamental measure that will help increase your refrigerator’s life is by keeping it away from sources of heat such as stoves, ovens as well as direct sunlight. However, this may be difficult in some situations especially if your kitchen space is limited. In such circumstances, you can insulate your refrigerator using special curtains to protect your equipment from heat and direct sunlight. Besides, monitoring the level of the equipment would also prolong the life of your refrigerator significantly. The level is checked by placing a spirit level on top of the refrigerator and checking the position of the bubble. If the bubble is not at the center, adjust the wheels to conveniently lower or raise the fridge until it is level on all sides as well as diagonally. This ensures that the door is closed firmly to eliminate chances of air loss through the door.

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